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    Funny Illustrations That Show The Differences Between Eastern And Western Cultures

    A Germany based visual artist and designer Yang Liu who was born in Beijing and has been living in Germany for over 20 years, has created a explainer poster design series to show the differences between East and West Culture. Liu created it in based on her own experience, she tries, through minimalist visualisations, to transmit, in the simplest of ways, Liu feelings against the gap that exists between these two cultures. Liu created an exhibition which was later made into a book,...

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    Stunning Character Illustrations by Pablo Lobato

    Character Illustrations: Pablo Lobato is a Buenos Aires, Argentina based Illustrator/Graphic Designer. Pablo Lobato was born in 1970. Pablo spent long hours drawing superheroes and medieval knights. He is lover of sports specially football. He illustrate his first portrait of Cesar Luis Menotti, who the coach of National football team at the moment. We are sharing with you some illustrations by Pablo Lobato for your inspiration. Hope you will amaze and share your valuable comment. Illustrations by Pablo Lobato

  • illustrations by Alexander Fedosov
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    In focus – Illustrator Alexander Fedosov

    If you like strange universes, you should like the characters imagined by Alexander Fedosov. This 27 year-old Ukrainian artist has his very own style. Clothes and armors are most of the time a part of the characters. If you want to see more works, more of Alexander’s work is available on his Behance and DeviantArt. This is what happened when I found the amazing work by Ukrainian illustrator Alexander Fedosov. Alexander’s illustrations have everything I look for, they are incredibly well done with...

  • Digital Fantasy Painting By Artist Steve De La Mare
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    Digital Fantasy Painting By Artist Steve De La Mare

    De La Mare combined his Theatre and Art together by exchanging a comfortable chair for scaffolding. Moving to England via France in the search for bigger walls to paint and areas to design, he has been very fortunate to find some rather impressive ones. Specialising in amusement parks and themed public areas; his quirky, often satirical work can be seen in England at: Alton Towers Hotel and Theme Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park, The New Butlins’-Bogner, Skegness and...

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    Amazing Otherworldly Artworks by Cyril Rolando

    Cyril Rolando is a hobbyist digital illustration who also known as AquaSixio from Southern France, he’s 28 years old and he’s been working as a clinical psychologist for six years now. His artistic approach is set between surreal and fantasy style, in single word: otherworldly. Cyril is a fantastic illustration artist. His work has continued to evolve, growing into the beautiful unique style you see today. the elements of his paintings contain simply the proper detail and texturing to bring...

  • Love Illustrations Between Dads and Their Little Girls
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    Love Illustrations Between Dads and Their Little Girls

    Each image will bring many various emotions for readers. Let your heart be captivated as you undergo these cute and short father daughter images which can make you love your Pappa (dad) even a lot more. We all like to imagine our childhood as an idyllic time filled with love, gentle guidance, and hair braiding. that is not the fact for everybody, unfortunately, but if you are lucky enough to have Pappa (dad) who spend time with you, some of...

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