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Caricatures: The Hilarious Story of a Graphic Design Student!

The Story of a Graphic Design Student: This comic strip is a satirical take on how the word “designing” invokes typical reactions from people in general. A design student Ankita has created and sent hilarious caricatures design series “The...

The People Who Want Artists to Work for Free View Full Post

Designer Illustrates Horrible Clients And Their Ridiculous Requests For Free Work

An artist and writer Ryan Estrada ask on his Twitter Account for quotations from people who want artists to work for free,  A Toronto-based illustrator and graphic designer, Emmie Tsumura draws ‘For Exposure’ series for those people who want artists to work for...

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Funny Illustrations That Show The Differences Between Eastern And Western Cultures

A Germany based visual artist and designer Yang Liu who was born in Beijing and has been living in Germany for over 20 years, has created a explainer poster design series to show the differences between East and West Culture. Liu...

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Stunning Character Illustrations by Pablo Lobato

Character Illustrations: Pablo Lobato is a Buenos Aires, Argentina based Illustrator/Graphic Designer. Pablo Lobato was born in 1970. Pablo spent long hours drawing superheroes and medieval knights. He is lover of sports specially football. He illustrate his first portrait of Cesar Luis...

illustrations by Alexander Fedosov View Full Post

In focus – Illustrator Alexander Fedosov

If you like strange universes, you should like the characters imagined by Alexander Fedosov. This 27 year-old Ukrainian artist has his very own style. Clothes and armors are most of the time a part of the characters. If you...

Digital Fantasy Painting By Artist Steve De La Mare View Full Post

Digital Fantasy Painting By Artist Steve De La Mare

De La Mare combined his Theatre and Art together by exchanging a comfortable chair for scaffolding. Moving to England via France in the search for bigger walls to paint and areas to design, he has been very fortunate to...

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Amazing Otherworldly Artworks by Cyril Rolando

Cyril Rolando is a hobbyist digital illustration who also known as AquaSixio from Southern France, he’s 28 years old and he’s been working as a clinical psychologist for six years now. His artistic approach is set between surreal and...

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