The 2 Most Popular Swear Words “Shit & Fck” Turned Into Art by Mauro Gatti

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Ever since Mauro Gatti touched to california from italy, designer and illustration artist Mauro Gatti has needed to “celebrate the two most famous swear words of all” as you’ll have guessed, they’re namely “shit” and “fck”.
Giving a risible spin on what’s typically considered to be vulgar, he has created 2 endearing and colourful illustrations that would make you look differently at these common curse words.
While the “shit” illustration naturally features a friendly poo character, the “fck” one is fronted by a smiling condom.
Gatti has even created a few of amusing GIFs with the help of my motion designer friend Stefano, Shit & Fck came to life and I hope you can all become good friends with them.
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