5 Elements of Bad Typography That Designer Should Avoid

5 Elements of Bad Typography That Designer Should Avoid

Elements of Bad Typography: Just like Good Typography is all around us, the Same thing with Bad Typography which is also everywhere. When looking at the typographic design, there are 5 elements of bad typography where you can potentially go wrong. Any one of these, if not handled properly, can create confusion where there should be none.

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These are 5 Elements of Bad Typography:

1. Kerning

Kerning - Typographic Error

Kerning which refers to the way specific letter pairs fit together

2. Letter Spacing or Tracking

Letter Spacing or Tracking - Typographic Error

Letter Spacing or Tracking both of which mean spacing applied to all letters

3. Word Spacing

Word Spacing - Typographic Error

Word Spacing is exactly what it says, the spacing between whole words

4. Font Choice

Font Choice - Typographic Error

Font Choice can help or hinder attempts at clear communication. Read: Top 10 Font combinations golden rules a designer to follow for typography designing.

5. Typographic Errors

Typographic Errors - Typographic Error

Typographic Errors can sabotage even the best designs. This is the greatest nightmare of a designer. We don’t expect you to be a pro but at least try to avoid the silly mistakes.

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See Below The Result If You Make Something With Bad Typography:

Bad Typography Examples In the World

This is “KIDS EXCHANGES” but you read “KIDSEXCHANGE”.


This is “MEGAFLICKS” but you read “MEGAFUCKS”


These are examples of bad word spacing. At a glance, what does this store sign seem to say?

Another example of Bad typography


This is “BUY 1, GET 1 50% OFF”, But you read “BUY 1, GET 150% OFF”


This is “BIG DINNER BOX”, But you read “BIG D INNER BOX”




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