25+ Best Creative Lion Logo Design Inspiration with Examples

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Best and Most Creative Lion Logo Design Examples

This post is about the most creative and inspiring lion logo design. A designer can take a look at these and get inspiration for creating beautiful logo designs.

Lions often symbolize strength and pride. Lion is the ‘King of Jungle’, representing the highest position in the food chain. Lion is an animal whose picture is most widely used in different forms in the worldwide. It can mark a great logo as it is widely recognized around the world. In human culture, a lion is a symbol of power, courage, and nobility. It can thus, depict the same in logos as well.

Designing a logo might look like a piece of cake, But you should know the Things to Know before you Logo Design and trust me there are a lot of principles that one must follow while designing a logo. The logo must necessarily be unique yet simple.

A Logo is a design, visual plus text, which represents an organization. A logo should be extraordinary and should be able to leave a lasting impression on the clients.

In addition, logos basically represent what industry does a particular company operate in. Therefore, it is important to take this into consideration while designing. The logo should be such that a customer should be able to recognize the brand and also be able to guess the industry it functions in.

Not just this, there are many other inspirational posts like the rabbit logo design examples or the Fox logo design samples. So, these logo samples or examples serve the purpose and provide the motivation and inspiration.

Thus, in this post, we have managed to gather 25+ best and most creative lion logo design examples that will serve as a booster to your creativity and will inspire you. And do share with us other inspirations that you look up to. Share this post with your friends and inspire them to create the best. So, hope you enjoy the inspiration!

List of Best Lion Logo Designs

1. Line – Lion Logo

Line Minimal Lion Logo Design Examples
Lion Logo by ThirtyThree

2. Rexav – Lion Logo

Rexav Lion Logo Design Examples

Rexav Lion Black Lion Logo Design Examples
Rexav by Lukasz Ruszel

3. LEON VERDE – Lion Logo

Leon Verde Lion Logo Design Examples
LEON VERDE, Kingdom by Floris Voorveld

4. Kenya – Lion Logo

Kenya Lion Logo Design Examples
Kenya Lion Logo By Gal

5. Lion Heart – Lion Logo

Lion Heart Lion Logo Design Examples
Lion Heart Lion Logo By

6. Lionsquared Media – Lion Logo

Lionsquared Media Lion Logo Design Examples
Lionsquared Media Lion Logo by matjak

7. Pacific Hydrologic – Lion Logo

Pacific Hydrologic Lion Logo Design Examples
Pacific Hydrologic Lion Logo By SeanHeisler

8. Haxed – Lion Logo

Haxed Lion Logo Design Examples
Haxed Lion Logo by crislabno

9. Lion Photo – Lion Logo

Lion Photos Lion Logo Design Examples
Lion Photos Lion Logo By Logo Pond

10. Lion Rock – Lion Logo

Lion Rock Lion Logo Design Examples
Lion Rock Lion Logo By Rodic Steva

11. Lion Bird – Lion Logo

Lion Bird Lion Logo Design Examples
Lion Bird Lion Logo By Nashifan

12. LionHeart – Lion Logo

LionHeart Lion Logo Design Examples
LionHeart Lion Logo By yelds

13. Safari Bar – Lion Logo

Safari Baar Lion Logo Design Examples
Safari Bar Lion Logo By Brand Sirrah

14. Vangaard – Lion Logo

Vangaard Lion Logo Design Examples
Vangaard Lion Logo By Areadesign

15. Camsa – Lion Logo

Camsa Lion Logo Design Examples
Camsa Lion Logo By Jerron

16. Lion Print – Lion Logo

Lion Print Lion Logo Design Examples
Lion Print Lion Logo By More Color

17. Circelion – Lion Logo

Circelion Lion Logo Design Examples
Circelion Lion Logo By Logo Pond

18. Lion King – Lion Logo

Lion King Lion Logo Design Examples
Lion King Lion By 

19. Leo AR – Lion Logo

LEO AR Lion Logo Design Examples
LEO AR Lion By Logo Pond

20. Anne Klein – Lion Logo

Anne Klein Lion Logo Design Examples
Anne Klein Lion By Diginpix

21. Dandylion – Lion Logo

Dandylion Lion Logo Design Examples
Dandylion Lion Logo By Logomotive

22. Biscon – Lion Logo

Biscon Lion Logo Design Examples
Biscon Lion Logo By holajoan

23. Zion – Lion Logo

Zion Lion Logo Design Examples
Zion Lion Logo By Logo Pond

24. Uberlion – Lion Logo

Uberlion Lion Logo Design Examples
Uberlion Lion Logo By GraphicRiver

25. Cinqleo – Lion Logo

Cinqleo Lion Logo Design Examples
Cinqleo Lion Logo By Helvetic Brands

26. Luvleo – Lion Logo

LuvLeo Lion Logo Design Examples
LuvLeo Lion Logo By Logo Fox

27. Lint Art Style – Lion Logo

Line Art Style Lion Logo Design Examples
Line Art Style Logo By Minimal Exa

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