• Download Free Color Gradients
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    300+ Trending Color Gradients For Your Design Projects

    If you are a designer, you will always be looking for a cool background gradient for your UI. As we all know, vibrant colors and vibrant gradients are now one of the major trends, such as graphic design, web design, content backdrop, and UI design. We have also published an article about the latest design trends for the current year. Here we have collected more than 300 beautiful and vibrant color gradients for your upcoming design projects, created by a...

  • How to Make Button for Website
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    Button Design Inspiration, Ideas, Types & How to Make Button for Website

    Buttons are one of the most essential components of any user interface design. Attractive button design is useful and essential to trigger click or even sales for any company. These buttons also lead the users smoothly through the website or mobile app. Owing to the attraction that a button adds to any page, special attention is paid to design these buttons with great care whether these buttons are on a simple app or whether we talk of web button designs....

  • Facebook Groups for Designers
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    10+ Most Active Facebook Groups for Designers

    Facebook Groups for Designers: Facebook groups is not only a great way to connect to people, you can also learn here and share your skill knowedge to your community. But finding ideal groups in your niche which are ready to share knowledge and help others’ are not found easily. So today We’ve selected and compiled most active top 10 Facebook groups for designers. As all knows that there are lots of Facebook groups for designers but we have added only...

  • Google Material Design Tools
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    Google Launched New Material Design Tools for Designers/Developers

    What Is Material Design Tools: Google has introduced their Material Design Tools to a unified system that combines theory, resources, and tools for crafting digital experiences. Material Design’s tool helps you to make product design more productive and inspiring. Visit material.io for more. Don’t Miss: Flat Design Icons Sets for Designers Download 40 Best Free Icon Sets Infographics: What is UX?   Video:   This Material Design Tools will allow designers/developer to test the color combinations on sample UIs (user...

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    Infographics : What is UX?

    What is UX? What does UX actually mean? What is the exactly role of design & user experience in startup’s? In this post we have hosted best infographicc. Definitly these all infographics will solve your all confusions of UI and UX. We hope it will help you to make an effective UX strategy. 1. UX is not UI 2. How Important Is The Role Of Design & User Experience In Startup’s? 3. What is UX? A User’s Experience With a...

  • Flat Design Icons Sets
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    Flat Design Icons Sets for Designers

    Flat icons sets are very trendy now a day. Flat icons are always very helpful for web designers because they can make their projects very easily without wasting their precious time in making this kind of icons that are very common in websites. There are millions of icons sets available in the online market for the help of designers. Also, See Download 40 Best Free Icon Sets All these icons set are not very good. Some these sets are available in high...

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