Your First Meeting or Interview With Your Client: Opportunity knocks only once, I believe opportunities are always plenty in this vast world, but how many of us are ready to grab that in our life…? There is always a second chance but we should not wait for. As we know opportunity knocks only once this is enough to explain the glory of the first effect. After-all first impression is the last impression. When you meet your client first time in your business meeting, interviews etc. Your body language, your dressing sense, meeting warmth etc plays a very important role that your effect on the front will be good or bad. This is one of the rules to achieve your goal.

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Your First Meeting or Interview With Your Client:

1. Meet Face-to-Face

According to one study, We can make the meeting more effective in a face-to-face rather than meeting through calling or video chat.

2. Be Serious

Wearing glasses will help you establish as a vulnerable and serious person. But keep in mind your face expressions will play an important part.

3. Smiling Face

Usually, the aged person looks serious, But smiling face leaves more impact than it. This is the reason the younger candidates are more beneficial than the aged candidate.

4. Handshake

It is very important to handshake in the first few seconds before start meeting, but humility should be in your nature.

5. Body Language

In the first meeting, your physical body language plays an important role. Whether you understand the client’s points properly or not, you have to explains it.

6. First Impression

Ask a trusted person to ask yourself and what they feel about your first impression. That’s because we all spend the entire time evaluating others but do not understand ourselves.


Hope, This post will help you to develop this attitude when you first time meet your client. With the ability to identify right opportunity, attitude to honestly work on it and sincerity to make the best use of it; making great things happen is an absolute possibility in this world.

Let’s make great things happen.

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