30 Challenges to Become a Better Designer in 30 Days

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Where you’re at in your design career it doesn’t matter, But we all knows that to become a good designer than you’ll have to boost your memory and improve your constantly practicing and expanding his or her skills so that your design works will stay fresh & more relevant.


Creative Market has added a 30 days of challenge for designers to improve their skills and to be better at own design work.

Designer’s should take it as daily exercise / tasks include, by turning your handwriting into a handwriting font, by following famous designers on Twitter, by making a moodboard (it helps you to understand what informs your design work sensibilities) and more.

30 Challenges to Become a Better Designer in 30 Days


Creative Market has also created a handy one-sheet in case you want to print this challenge: VIEW YOUR CALENDER.

via Creative Market

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