Best Ways to Make Photoshop Run Faster, Even with 1000+ Layers

Photoshop Speed Best Ways to Make Photoshop Run Faster

We all know that optimizing the performance of best Image editing tools in the market “Photoshop” can be crucial. Sometimes Photoshop gets slower if you work with large images, retouching an image or if you use memory hungry features like HDR, Liquify, Photo merge, 3D objects layers and Video timeline layers. We might create a massive amount of layers which may lead to lagging and slowing down the performance speed of Photoshop. In this tutorial, We can easily fix to run Photoshop super fast and smooth, still keeping 1000+ of the layers. Here Unmesh Dinda will give you a couple of tips and tricks to improve the performance of Photoshop and make it run faster on your machine. Let’s get started!

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Easy Trick to Photoshop Run FASTER with 1000+ Layers!

Via: PiXimperfect


From this tutorial, We showed you several tricks that you can use to help Photoshop run faster on your computer. We hope that you learned something from this tutorial and this Photoshop fix allows you to get the performance speed back without merging or rasterizing the layers. Thus, keeping it all non-destructive!

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