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Yes, the title is very catchy, but that’s not all that I want to talk about.

I’m going to give tips on how to get more clients today.

Have you ever wondered how so many businesses survive in the market? How some of them are more successful while some are not?

The bottom line of the client – supplier relationship; be it in any industry, is that a client only seeks solutions; the ultimate solution. And giving solutions to the clients is the only way to retain them. Hence, I decided to give an insight on how to get more clients and also how to retain them for a long-term successful business.

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A Real Life Scenario…

I was looking for a new accommodation for us. Not that the present house we resided in wasn’t good, but we all need to upgrade; upgrade to the next level. So, I met a couple of brokers (real estate agents). When I met the first one, I gave him the specifications of the kind of house I was looking for. The next day he called up and denied that he didn’t have any options available for me according to my requirement and my budget most importantly.

Difference Between A Solution and Service

But he didn’t give up. He contacted a few more brokers from other areas and tried to find an accommodation for us. This was what I exactly wanted. I wanted someone to take that burden off me and provide me with the ultimate solution.

And that is exactly what your clients want as well. They want solutions to their problems and not just services. This means that the clients hire a solution and not just service.

Earlier I mentioned that we will understand how to get more clients.

The answer is – a designer himself needs to be the solution or at least needs to provide one.

How To Get More Clients??

One On One Discussion

A designer basically needs to understand the client’s requirements. To gauge the client’s long-term business goals, a designer must meet the client several times before starting the work and also during the course of the work as per the need. The best way to find the most appropriate solution is to talk to the client and find out the exact requirement. Read this: Your First Meeting or Interview With Your Client 

Be Honest With Your Clients

Trust is the plinth on which any relationship is based; even a designer and their client’s relationship. Designers can gain their client’s trust by being sincere in their work, by delivering what is promised, clinging to the deadlines and also by showing concern to the clients. A designer – client relationship based on trust is also long-lasting. Read this: How a Designer Completely Rock Their Client

Be Useful To The Clients

A designer should be able to give solutions to all problems of their clients. A designer must be able to deliver exactly what is required by the patron.

When I approached the broker, I expected him to be useful to me. I never thought I would go around looking for brokers and analyze them as to who would be able to really help me out.

Similarly, a client expects a designer to fix all his problems and only if a designer does so, he will be able to retain the client and also get more clients in future. This way a client also returns to you when he needs something else any other time.

Creativity Counts

Some people refrain themselves from giving ideas to others. But trust me, designers, giving free idea ensures that the client will someday land up at your doorstep to solve their mess. So, be creative and share as many ideas you can with your clients; after all, you want them to get associated with you.. right ?!

Do That Little Extra Thing

Not many people do this, but if you go a little out of the way and help your clients; they can be yours forever. Just like the broker did in my case.

Never Give Up

Another important thing that the designers must keep in mind is that they should never give up. They should keep trying to deliver the best until the client is satisfied. This also includes incorporating changes to your design when a client

Another important thing that the designers must keep in mind is that they should never give up. They should keep trying to deliver the best until the client is satisfied. This also includes incorporating changes to your design when a client isn’t contented. Also providing some options to choose from works well. Read this: How Designers Should Treat with Clients

Reflect upon how you can offer your clients the best; how can you make them happy; and also how to get more clients.

Benefits of being the solution and not just the service

Having experienced it, I feel I would never forget that broker ever in my life and also would prefer to go back to him for any similar work. I would also recommend his name to all my acquaintances. Read this: 15 Surprising Ways to Get More Clients (and Keep Them Coming).

So, the benefits to the designers for being the solution are many. Apart from all that is mentioned above, after having won the client’s trust, the designer can even charge higher rates (This is a secret guys: a designer -designer talk). This brings in a lot of opportunities for the designers to a successful career.

The Lesson…

Therefore I suggest my designers to be the kind of person that broker was. Just go a little out of the way and be the solution for your clients. Make sure you give them exactly what they want. This will ensure long-term professional benefits and ultimately help you get more clients !!

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