Have you ever thought how one can be happy by overcoming frustration while designing??

Have you ever wondered what frustration is??

Our life is long and full of frustrations. Every now and then we are bothered about something or the other. We have small irritations of losing something or even bigger problems where we completely fail to fulfill our goals. What is important is to be able to manage those frustrations well.

A designer faces criticisms which he must take positively in order to be calm and perform well. Staying calm and taking criticism positively also helps a designer to improve his performance.

Understanding Frustration

Frustration is an emotion that occurs in times when a person is stagnant in one situation. It is a point where a person feels blocked from all directions and is unable to reach the desired goal. The designer reaches a stage where he is most irritated. We, however, feel happy when we are able to achieve our desired outcome. In contrast to situations when we are irritated and frustrated and feel annoyed when we are not able to fulfill our goals. Typically, when the goal is significant, the frustration is greater in the case of non-achievement.

Why is overcoming frustration while designing important??

I don’t say frustration is bad! Rather it is normal to be frustrated. But what is important is overcoming frustration while designing. If handled well, frustration can be a useful indicator of the problems which need immediate attention. Frustration can also be a good source of motivation for some designers.

However, when not handled well, frustration can result in anger, stress, irritation, depression etc.  It also distracts one and makes the mind unreasonably unwell.

So for mental, physical and work-life well being, overcoming frustration while designing is important.

So what can you do?

Top 5 states of overcoming frustration while designing are as mentioned under:

1. Denial

This is the stage where a designer refuses to the possibilities of making any mistakes. A strong sign of denial occurs which blocks the designer’s mind and makes him frustrated. Well, the designer must identify with this stage and refrain from denial.

2. Bargaining

Bargaining is also like a stage where the designer self-blames himself. Several designing errors are uncovered and the designer feels that he has been careless and stupid to have overlooked those errors. The designer should try to own up to his mistakes and not take up bargaining.

3. Anger

A situation where a designer is asked to do a lot of revisions sends a designer into a rage. ‘N’ number of revisions is what makes a designer super angry. This stage includes hours of annoyance. If a designer overcomes this stage, half the battle is won.

4. Depression

When the designer gets frustrated, he spends his time unproductively. Anger brings in depression and blocks his creativity. The designer should maintain his peace of time and rather try to find out solutions to the errors in designing.

5. Acceptance

The final stage is acceptance where the designer agrees to the errors and accepts his mistakes. The designer should take criticism positively and work towards fixing the errors without wasting any time.


Well, the fact is that one cannot avoid frustrations in life, but managing it effectively is the key to success. It is also advisable to be aware of habits of a bad graphic designer to be able to avoid them. It is not easy at times, but with constant practice, one can learn the art of keeping calm even in anger and ultimately reach their goals. A designer should include these practices in daily routine to avoid any backlog in their work.

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