There Are Two Types of Designers in This World: Which one are you?

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There Are Two Kinds of Designers

Designers come in different sizes, shape, and preferences 😂 😂 Yes, I’m about to tell you about the different types of designers. Well, all the designers are different and they also come in different packaging, tastes, and flavors.

Lol 😂 😂 !! Did I just say size, taste, and flavor??

Well, understand the feelings friends☺!! I’m talking about their work preferences and differences in the way they work.

All designers have different qualifications, different experiences, different choices, and so their way of approaching their work and getting end result is also very different.

A designer can be compared to an automobile. All automobiles have different features; some are good while some are excellent. But the ultimate aim is to reach the destination. So, is a designer! Some are flawless when they work while some…

All designers provide us with the solution, not just the service. Some designers are like those luxury cars which are very polished and experienced and provide the clients with the best designing solution, all according to their requirements. While some designers are like the good old truck; which is slow but steady and provides an average, no-nonsense design. Some cars need too many repair and maintenance sessions. Well, I mean some designers need too many revisions in the design they make.

So, which type of an automobile are you?

Oops!! I mean to say, which Types of  Designers are you all??

Every Graphic designer; even when in different phases of his career or a beginner has a different story to narrate. What we mainly focus on is our client’s satisfaction.

Two Types of Designers: Which one are you?

Types of Designers ps-ai

Types of Designers COFFEE and BEER

Types of Designers Bill

Types of Designer Formal vs Casual

Types of Designers Helvetica Comic Sans

Types of Designers Mac Windows

Types of Designers Menu Card

Types of Designers ColdDrinks vs vodka Shots

Types of Designers Nerdy and Tattoo lover

Types of Designers Pizza

CGfrog is a website dedicated to designers and designer’s life across the globe and also for non-designers who take inspiration from our work or who seek to become one. We aim to inspire our readers by providing them with some handy tips and tricks on designing. So, here we are with yet another interesting and insightful series where in you can see which category of designers you belong to.

This is about the never-ending cold war between the mac or windows users; or the coffee or beer lovers. So, see if you belong to one of the “two types of designers” groups or whether you’re right there on the edge?


Well, this is our list of differences between different designers. We would love to hear from you all. Do mention what differences have you witnessed and what other types of designers have you come across.

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