What Type of Designer Sense You Have?


Mostly designers are creative in their own ways, In this post we are talking abount designer’s sense. We all knows that the designer is the person who will not share their inspirations easily but they tend to share some attributes. Sometimes, they get similar design sense and habits despite being associated with a very different creative profession.

Each Designers have different personalities and different ways of working. Which kind of design sense you have?

Think design has come up with an infographic that will help you identify the type of designer you are.

But the interesting to note is a designer will give a brutally honest opinion about your design work. How the non-designers can identify you, but what design tribe do you think you belong to? Are you a by-the-way designer or expert? Let us walk you through the list to give an idea which group you belong to. Think Design has created a brilliant infographic posters. Check it out below.

1. Are You A Retro Rebel ?


2. Are You A Minimalist Maverick ?


3. Are You A Ultra Detailer ?


4. Are You A Color Coder ?


5. Are You A Geometric Genius ?


6. Are You A  Hipster Hero ?


7. Are You A Icon Master  ?


8. Are You A Typography Smitten ?


9. Are You A Pantone Guru ?


10. Are You A Gradient God ?


Via: Think Design

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