52 Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer

Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer
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Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer: Designers are everywhere. Some girls like them and some girls don’t like them. We’re here to shed some light on why you shouldn’t date a designer. Now these 52 reasons aren’t facts, they are merely points of reference to laugh about and have fun with.. after all laughter is a excellent therapy for mind boost. Blow bolded my most obvious weaknesses. Previously we’ve also hosted Before You Date (or Marry) a Designer You Need 10 Things To Know.

52 Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer:

Many of them are fairly true, What has been your experience?

    • 1. They are probably not very rich.
    • 2. There are millions of them out there, and they hate each other.
    • 3. They cannot dine in a restaurant without critiquing the menu design.
    • 4. They collect posters, menus, albums, and even brochures from the hospital.
    • 5. They will analyse conversations in layers.
    • 6. They always look tired, because they work all the time.
    • 7. They spend all their money buying Apple products.
    • 8. They drink and eat all kinds of weird shit just because they like the packaging.
    • 9. They read vogue and comics.
  • 10. They hate Excel.
  • 11. They won’t go out with you if you pair a pink top with yellow skirt.
  • 12. They replace regular water with beer.
  • 13. They worship Mad Men.
  • 14. If you go to a movie together, you’ll be the last to leave because they want to read the full list of credits.
  • 15. You’ll probably not want to make them a birthday card, or holiday card, or I-wish-I-know-how-to-please-you card.
  • 16. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. And Starbucks only.
  • 17. They snark at mediocre logos they find around town or online.

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