Best, Sobar and Simple Rangoli Designs for Diwali Festival

Best, Sobar and Simple Rangoli Designs for Diwali Festiva

Simple Rangoli design: Rangoli is an art, and it takes time and practice to become an expert in any form of art. Rangoli is something each of us can easily relate to as they signify two important things – Colors, which we Indians love and festivities, which we Indians enjoy with our families; be it any occasion, a family function or a festival. During festivals, it is considered a tradition to make Rangoli throughout India. But just as we Indians are so different in our ways, the styles and techniques of doing Rangoli are different in various cultures. Everyone knows that making a Rangoli is not an easy task. You can learn how to make beautiful and simple Rangoli Design with practice.

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If you enter any Hindu house in India, you are bound to be welcomed by a beautiful Rangoli design. Mostly Rangoli designs are drawn with chalk powder, Roli, stone powder etc. on the floor.

Traditionally rice flour was used to create rangoli designs, but nowadays we have seen Rangoli being made with special Rangoli colors. Also these days, we see people using flower petals as the ingredients for Rangoli too. Also in designs, there has been a vast change with people becoming more aware of this beautiful traditional art, indulging and creating various types of designs which people thought were not possible before.

We have posted some beautiful, vibrant and simple Rangoli design for coming festival season.

List of 25+ Sobar and Simple Rangoli Designs for coming festival season

1. Freehand Simple Rangoli Design

Best Rangoli Design
This simple rangoli design is apt for any occasion.

2. Circular Rangoli Design

Best Circular Rangoli Designs
This evergreen rangoli design is easy and beautiful.

3. Traditional “OM” Rangoli Design

Traditional Om Download Best Rangoli Design
The traditional rangoli design is good for religious events.

4. Lotus and Lamp Rangoli Design

Best Lotus Colorful Rangoli Design
Great detailing can be seen in this delicate lotus lamp rangoli design.

5. Floral Rangoli Design

Best Lotus Rangoli Design
Draw this simple rangoli design of beautiful Lotus flowers and leaves to adorn your house.

6. Beautiful and Simple Rangoli Design

Best Unique Diya Rangoli Design
This unique rangoli design is beautiful and simple.

7. Flowers Rangoli Design

Elegant Best Rangoli Design
Traditional design with gorgeous and bright flowers is what this rangoli is about.

8. Easy Rangoli Design

Simple and Best Rangoli Design
This is a quick and easy design.

9. Shell Rangoli Design

Shell and Flower Rangoli Design
This design is a combination of flowers and shells.

10. Floral Checkers Rangoli Design

Best colorful Rangoli Design
This colorful and simple rangoli design looks beautiful.

11. Simple Rangoli Design

Awesome Minimal Rangoli Designs
This minimal design is good for entrance of houses or other buildings.

12. Swan Rangoli Design

Duck Rangoli Design
This design is a masterpiece which will need practice.

13. Floral Rangoli Design using Dots

Floral Rangoli Design
A traditional and ancient way of putting rangoli is with the help of dots.

14. Bell Flower Rangoli

Bell Flower Lotus Rangoli
This freehand floral design is beautiful and the symmetry looks perfect.

15. Lotus Rangoli

Lotus Rangoli Design for Diwali
This Rangoli design contains lot of detailing.

16. Minimal Rangoli Design

Minimal and simple rangoli design
For quick and easy application, refer to this minimal and simple rangoli design.

17. Geometric Rangoli Design

Flowers and geometrical shapes Rangoli Design
A unique combination of flowers and geometrical shapes, this simple rangoli design is beautiful.

18. Drop Rangoli Design

drop rangoli design
Shading at the center is a special feature of this drop rangoli design.

19. Freehand Rangoli Design

Beautiful Best Rangoli Design
This is the most common Design of rangoli that is loved by all.

20. Easy and Simple Rangoli Design

Best Flower Rangoli Design
This easy and simple rangoli design is a savior for unforeseen events.

21. Beautiful Rangoli Design

Elegant Flower Rangoli Design
This easy and beautiful rangoli design is very elegant.

22. Colorful Rangoli Design

Easy Floral Rangoli Design
This is another variant of the easy rangoli design.

23. Circular Rangoli

Circular Flowler rangoli design
Circular rangoli design is evergreen and colorful.

24. Shell Freehand Rangoli Design

Freehand Rangoli Design
This shell freehand design looks great at all occasions.

25. Easy Colorful Rangoli Design

White colored Rangoli Design
The use of white color in this rangoli makes it look brighter.

26. Minimal and Simple Rangoli Design

Bright and Contrasting Rangoli Design
This simple rangoli design will look beautiful if put using bright and contrasting colors

Simple Rangoli design can adorn a place so well that it gives a very ethereal feeling to a place. Hope you will like this post on simple rangoli design and share it with your friends.

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