Best Modern Logo Inspiration of Common English Verbs View Full Post

Best Modern Logo Inspiration: 25 Clever Logos Of Common English Verbs

Best modern logo inspiration created from common English verbs: A Madrid, Spain based creative designer Lucas Gil-Turner has come with a series of the modern logos for the 25 most commonly used everyday verbs from the Oxford English Dictionary. Lucas Gil-Turner...

Clean and Smooth Animations of Hand-Lettered Logos View Full Post

Inspiring Examples: Clean and Smooth Animations of Hand-Lettered Logos

Clean and Smooth Animations of Hand-Lettered Logos: Calligraphy magician artists Starov Evgeniy (Lettering artist) and Dubnichenko Alexey (Motion Designer) from Russian has come up with a logo animation series of commercial lettering works made during last half year. Designers use...

Clean-Minimalist-Animal-Logos-and-Their-Design-Process View Full Post

Clean Minimalist Animal Logos and Their Design Process

As a designer it’s always curious and interesting to take a look of creative design process of a designer. A South Korea, based graphic designer Jahng Hyoung Joon has come up with a series of minimalist animal pictograms and two...

Logo Design Principles View Full Post

Religiously We Should Follow These 7 Logo Design Principles

Logo Design Principles: If you think Logo designing is just like eating a piece of cake? A logo design should able to convey the business message across to the intended audience. These easy 7 Logo Design Principles which all...

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