Do age and gender affect a person’s color preferences?? Do the choices really change over a period of time?? Have you personally experienced it ?? What’s your favorite color??

Yes, whether it is pink or blue, colors are always associated with gender.

What’s your favorite color, PINK or BLUE? I’m sure that a girl would like pink, whereas a guy would go with blue.

But why?

The basis of this generalization is the assumption that girls like pink, just as everyone says, girls like chocolate. Ask me… I don’t like chocolates and I’m a girl!! But, this has some science also related to it. Science states that the color preferences and choices for each gender change as they grow older.

Right from the day when the babies are born, their clothes, their toys, their accessories, and in fact every little thing; all are pink (in the case of a girl) and blue (in the case of a boy).

But as a matter of fact, there are no rules as such about what colors are exclusively for women or men. Observing the general trend, there have been various scientific studies regarding the same. However, there is some psychology involved with the usage of different colors. Some substantial generalizations do exist though.

Color Preferences and Designers…

Apart from objectifying things, color also affects the way we feel. It basically affects our mood. This is also one big reason why designers must keep in mind the color preferences based on age and gender of their clients.

While working on their design projects, the designers must wisely choose among the wide array of colors available. Using the wrong colors at wrong places might also get them sued!! This is the basic reason why certain hues appeal the kids while others are for adults.

It is equally important to name the colors well. Like if it is ‘Red wine’ you got to call it Red wine and not dark red. The key is to be specific. In such cases, it is best to use the color thesaurus and also using imaginable colors is helpful. The designers must choose the color codes carefully otherwise, they might end up using wrong colors at wrong places.

In marketing one’s business, the person should decide his color preferences for design, packaging etc. according to the target audience. All the designing efforts are also tailored and channelized accordingly. Age and gender are two important components according to which we usually examine the audience.

Color Preferences Based On Age And Gender

What's Your Favorite Color? Know Your Color Preferences

Final Word…

To sum up, I would like to mention that even though there are different types of designers whose color preferences are different. But, a designer should always examine the client well according to the age and gender. This will help the designer to choose appropriate colors for the client according to his choice.  So before creating marketing materials, be sure to examine what colors are

Finally, color psychology is not a rule of thumb. So, there are no right or wrong choices of colors. A designer should remember that better color selection will make the design look good and in turn will fetch better response from the target market. So, find out what’s your favorite color and also know your client’s color preferences!!

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