Hello Frogians!! Here I am with some wonderful and really helpful tips on how to get noticed as a designer.

Ok! It’s not just when you’re in a professional crisis or something, you feel the need of recognition, recognition of yourself and your work as well, rather always!! As creative people, we always need to get noticed. We want more and more people to know about our work and recognize it. We need such people around us, who can be helpful in any way in improving our designing skills or even people who are helpful for our career. In between all this, it is however important for a designer to overcome all his frustration and perform well.

This article is for a student who is about to graduate from a design institute. It is also useful for a naive designer or even for someone who has been working part time or even full time in the industry since years.

There are various types of designers in the world. Some of them are highly successful while others struggle their way even to get some limelight. Also read Funny But True: 10 Steps To Becoming The Better Graphic Designer.

So, what do you think makes or destroys a designer???

Like in most businesses, branding plays a vital role; so is the case with a designer. Modification of the branding strategies of any business or product is possible. A few changes here and there are significant; which is used by a designer to make his presence felt, which is definitely very important for his career.

In the world today, where there are thousands and thousands of designers available, how would you make yourself and your work get noticed?? Read this: Designer Problems: We Are Designers, We Are Not Gods

In the design field, the best and the most appropriate way to be recognized is to be unexampled and to be an outstanding artist when compared to others in the same field. In the design field, the best and the most appropriate way to get recognition is to be unique and to be an outstanding artist in comparison to others in the same field. It is a vital part of working and also ensuring how to get noticed as a designer and also how to get your designs earn that recognition. Luckily, there are often opportunities available for designers of all capabilities and backgrounds to enter the industry and get to work with the biggies in the industry.

As the basics and most significant, I’ve pick up the choicest talks of wisdom into simple pieces of advice for you all. Whether you pick up one or you follow all, you’re sure to be successful. Read this: As a Beginner How Can I Improve My Graphic Design Skills

Here’s how you to get noticed as a designer and succeed in your career!!

  1. Build a Digital Presence

Build your online presence in order to establish a strong online identity. We do all the activities today within the digital world. So it becomes significant for a designer to build a fan following online. We have after all seen many YouTube celebs succeeding in their career.

  1. Be an interesting person

Don’t be a boring person because that is where you can show your creativity at its best. If you don’t look or feel as creative as your work is, you might end up losing on to a couple of projects as well.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

Get out there, out of your comfort zone and look around for inspiration. Let those creative juices flow and make sure you get them running into your nerves if you wish to survive in this extremely competitive industry.

  1. Find your specialty

Find your niche and avoid being a jack of all trades. It is important for a designer to stay focused. This helps him to develop a distinct identity through his work which is also visible and easily identifiable by his clients.

  1. Taking part in professional campaigns

Enter a promotional design campaign wherein you also get an opportunity to showcase your creative work on a greater platform. This will also give you a wider exposure to the industry as a designer. You will have many opportunities knocking your door.

  1. Feedback

Feedback or what we also call the word of mouth is important. Whether you agree or not, referrals or client feedbacks are the best rewards for your hard work and if they’re positive; nothing like it!

  1. Do things out-of-the-box

Walk that extra mile for your client, every single time. I remember when we spoke about how clients want the solution and not just service from the designer; we discovered that a designer, who does that one extra effort for his clients, is sure to build long term relations with them.

These easy tips on how to get noticed as a designer will definitely enable you to prove that you are definitely different from the others present in a market of thousands. When everyone around you is busy discovering the new design, you can turn heads with your creativity and gain enormous recognition.

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