Shades of red color: Colors play a significant role in everyday life. Colors can cause a drastic change in the mood as well as the environment. A color can change the way a person thinks, it can also change one’s mood.

If used in a right way, a color can work wonders in terms of increasing the output and the overall result. Every person’s color preferences vary. For example, a young person may like bright and lively shades of colors. Let us see what are the different shades of red color, in this article.

What is Color?

Color is actually a by-product of the spectrum of light, which is well recognized by the human brain as well as the human eye. Do you remember the light experiment that you might have done as a kid in your middle school with a ‘Prism’?

The colors are mainly referred to as blue, red, yellow, black, etc. The color derives from the spectrum of light which interacts with the eye with the help of spectral sensitivities of the light receptions.

Different Meaning of Different Colors

The colors usually mean different things to different people. Every person has a different psychology towards different colors. This means that the same color may mean different things for different people. This only means that the colors are culturally assigned different meanings and feelings. For example, red color represents warmth and it also means anger because anger leads to redness in a person’s face due to an increased flow of blood.

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The Meanings of Red Color

Red is the color of extremes and there are nearly 255 shades of red color. Red is the color of passion, violence, love, anger, danger, and adventure.

It is not just the red color, but all colors have different meanings. Also, all the colors have different names. We can refer to a color thesaurus to know the correct names of all the shades of all the colors.

List of Shades of Red Color

28 most popular shades of red color palette with hex and RGB codes. This will help you to choose the right shade of red color for your art or design.

1. Salmon Red Color

Salmon Red Color
Hex #FA8072 | RGB 250, 128, 114

2. Scarlet Color

Scarlet Color
Hex #FF2400 | RGB 255, 36, 0

3. Barn Red Color

Barn Red Color
Hex #7C0A02 | RGB 124, 10, 2

4. Imperial Red Color

Imperial Red Color
Hex #ED2939 | RGB 237, 41, 57

5. Pale Violet Red

Pale Violet Red
Hex #DB7093 | RGB 219,112,147

6. Indian Red Color

Indian Red Color
Hex #CD5C5C | RGB 205, 92, 92

7. Chilli Red Color

Chilli Red Color
Hex #C21807 | RGB 205, 92, 92

8. Ruby Red Color

Ruby Red Color
Hex #E0115F | RGB 224, 17, 95

9. Carmine Red Color

Carmine Red Color
Hex #960018 | RGB 150, 0, 24

10. Maroon Color

Maroon Color
Hex #800000 | RGB 128, 0, 0

11. Redwood Color

Redwood Color
Hex #A45A52 | RGB 164, 90, 82

12. Desire Color

Desire Color
Hex #EA3C53 | RGB 234, 60, 83

13. Vermilion Red Color

Vermilion Red Color
Hex #7E191B | RGB 126,25,27

14. Candy Apple Color

Candy Apple Color
Hex #FF0800 | RGB 255, 8, 0

15. Hibiscus Color

Hibiscus Color
Hex #B43757 | RGB 180,55,87

16. Raspberry Color

Raspberry Color
Hex #D21F3C | RGB 210,31,60

17. Persian Red Color

Persian Red Color
Hex #CA3433 | RGB 202,52,51

18. USA Flag Color

USA Flag Color
Hex #BF0A30 | RGB 191,10,48

19. Ferrari Red Color

Ferrari Red Color
Hex #ff2800 | RGB 255,40,0

20. Tomato Red

Tomato Red
Hex #FF6347 | RGB 255,99,71

21. Crimson Color

Crimson Color
Hex #b80f0a | RGB 184,15,10

22. Sangria Color

Sangria Color
Hex #5e1914 | RGB 94,25,20

23. Burgundy Color

Burgundy Color
Hex #8d021f | RGB 141,2,31

24. Rust Color

Rust Color
Hex #933a16 | RGB 147,58,22

25. Light Coral

Light Coral
Hex #F08080 | RGB 240,128,128

26. Mahogany Color

Mahogany Color
Hex #420d09 | RGB 66,13,9

27. Fire Brick Color

Fire Brick Color
Hex #B22222 | RGB 178, 34, 34

28. Petal Red

Petal Red
Hex #C10A36 | RGB 193, 10, 54

Infographic of Shades of Red:

Popular Shades of Red Color Palette with Hex and RGB Codes
28 Most Popular Shades of Red Color Palette with Hex and RGB Codes


Finally, we hope that this post on shades of red will give you an insight on the actual names of the shades of red. Do share this with your designer friends.

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